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​Business Patterns and Procedures

A Business Pattern describes a re-usable approach to the solution of a particular business problem, usually scoped by a business process. It offers a solution based on previous success in defining solutions to the same, or similar, business problems. A business pattern may be described as an 'Architectural template for a business solution'.

There are two possible, but complementary, ways to look at this – the first is to say that other enterprises, operating in a similar business domain, probably have an inventory of business components and services similar to yours. The implementations will be different because the infrastructural environment will be different; however, in terms on conceptual function and data, they will be similar.

The Business Pattern is invaluable in kick-starting an architecture project since it avoids the "reinvention of the wheel". The implementations of the business pattern by different enterprises will, of course, be different because the environment and infrastructure will be different, but in terms of conceptual function and data, they will be similar.