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What do we do?


We can help you analyze, design and build your Strategic Systems Architecture and develop and apply practical methodological approaches including business-focused


bullet Our Systems Architecture Methodology (SAM) is well developed and has been used to good effect in a wide-range of major projects throughout the world.More
bulletWe deliver Public Seminars, Workshops, Training Courses and Conference Presentations


bullet​We develop tools to support our own, and other popular, methods. We have recently developed our Systems Architecture Toolkit. that supports our Systems Architecture Method and is customisable to support other methods. Uniquely this is built entirely using Microsoft Office and offers a front-end application, diagram and data entry templates and a back-end repository. We also have developed a multi-user version using server and cloud-based storage.More
bulletWe write and publish serious books, brochures and articles on all aspects of systems architectureMore
bulletWe can show you how to build enterprise architectures, service oriented applications and business models either by means of hands-on training or through proof of concept projects.​More