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Thought Leaders in the effective use of Systems Architecture, Methods and Tools for over 30 years


We were founded in 1982 by Bob Jarvis and Geof Carrington and have remained a boutique consultancy ever since. We operate on the Business/IT intersection - our area is Systems Architecture and we have gained international recognition for our innovation and expertise in Enterprise and Service-oriented Architecture.


Typical activities we have been involved in include:

  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Business Requirements Analysis
  • Organisational Structuring
  • Business Analysis
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Infrastructure Optimisation
  • Information Architecture
  • Data Analysis
  • Component Based Development
  • Service Oriented Architecture
  • Application Portfolio Planning
  • Technical Architecture and Platform Rationalisation
  • Project Portfolio Planning
  • Programme and Project Management

This might seem to be a very long list and you may wonder how a small, specialised consultancy like us can have expertise in them all. Our answer is quite simply that they all use the same fundamental data and our skill is knowing precisely what that data is and how to acquire, organise and use it. To enable this we have developed two major capabilities - the Systems Architecture Method and the Systems Architecture Toolkit.

The Systems Architecture Method (SAM) is a comprehensive methodology for developing and exploring business models. SAM includes detailed processes and procedures for defining, building, analysing, maintaining and disseminating the models and underlying definitions.

The Systems Architecure Toolkit provides a comprehensive PC-based system for defining objects, building architectural models, structuring the data, forming a repository and providing search, analysis and reporting facilities. Out of the box, the Toolkit provides diagram templates, on-line data entry forms, querying and analytical tools and publishing capabilities. These are all based on the foundation of a comprehensive, flexible, SQL-based repository.  Uniquely the Toolkit is built completely using Microsoft Office and Visio, in which we have considerable expertise.


Over the years, we have acquired extensive experience of Health and Social Care systems architecture, having worked on major projects at national and regional level around the world. Our experience, methods and tools have been encapsulated in the Microsoft Connected Health Framework (CHF) of which we were the principal authors. The business framework, in particular, is based on our methods and tools. The CHF is currently in use, either as a whole or in part, in over 30 countries. We offer our experience as a major case study.

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​Material Available

​Since Bob Jarvis has now retired and no longer undertakes major consulting projects, we are making much of our methodological guidance available via this website. Go to the Tutorials & Training page to see what is available. You are free to use this material provided that Systems Advisers Ltd is duly credited as the source and our copyright notice included. You will be asked to leave your email address. Clearly no warranties or guarantees as to accuracy or appropriateness are given or implied. See Bob's blog for details.

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